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Why I got work experience with a removals company

Why I got work experience with a removals company

I didn't go to university, didn't manage to get any good qualifications and I didn't manage to make any good connections (neither did my parents) so after school finished, I felt slightly lost. Living in Edinburgh, I had a huge amount of opportunities for work. but very few of them appealed to me. I didn't want to work at a McDonalds or in a call centre. I wanted to meet people, to travel and to get physical.

I saw a job advert in the paper for this Edinburgh removals company and decided to give them a call. I got through to a voice that I vaguely recognised, and it turned out the be one of the guys that I played rugby with. Despite the fact that I had no experience, the guy knew that I always gave 100% at the rugby games and hired me on the spot. I was delighted.

Although I tried at school, I didn't do very well. But I always gave 100% at everything I did, and the effort that I put in helped me to land a great job (which I love, by the way). So the morale of the story is to always give 100% in everything that you do, because you never know what opportunity might arise.