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Written by John Lowery

Look, you aren’t going to be shredding Vietnamese like a local right off the plane. However, a couple food words can come in handy. I’ve tried to keep this as short as able using words you’ll see over and over.

Bánh (in a food setting, you should infer that you are getting a flour/starch-based item that is being cooked in some manner, whether that be a noodle, a cake, a turnover, bread or something else)

Thit (meat), Bò (beef), Gà (chicken), Cá (fish), Heo & Lợn (pig)

Cơm (rice) or Cơm tấm (broken rice aka rice)

Bún (rice noodle), Mì (egg noodle)

Xào (stir-fried/sauteed), Nướng (grilled/roasted), Kho (braised), Chiên (fried)

Bia (beer) [Bia hơi is beer on draft], Cà phê (coffee), Tra (tea), Nước Uống (drinking (uống) water (nước)


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